The ‘Silent Killer’ Remains in CA: Is Your Family Protected?

  • Carbon monoxide (CO) -- known as the “silent killer” -- is an odorless, colorless and tasteless gas, and the leading cause of unintentional poisoning deaths in the United States. CO poisoning can strike any time of year.
  • When fuel-burning appliances malfunction or are used improperly, dangerous levels of CO can build up in your home. Carbon monoxide poisoning has many potential sources, including faulty furnaces, gas ranges and stoves, or gas clothes dryers; enclosed portable heaters; blocked chimneys and wood burning stoves; enclosed gas-powered generators and charcoal grills, to name a few.
  • CO poisoning can lead to death, and grave and permanent injuries, including brain and lung damage, impaired vision, and heart problems. U.S. census data reports 74 percent of California housing uses some form of fossil fuel-burning heating that can generate carbon monoxide.

As of July 2011, state law requires most California homes, including rental properties, to have CO alarms installed. Learn more

CO poisoning can happen anytime. Here’s a story from California resident Ta Juan Campbell. Click here to watch his story.

The only safe way to detect carbon monoxide in your home is with working CO alarms. Easy to install and inexpensive, CO alarms are available at your local home improvement store.

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